Firstly,I must apologize for the lack of posts lately.I’m really sorry, just when I thought I had my system fixed,the stupid thing still had the guts to show me it’s bad side.I have been hopping from one repairer to the other ever since and I had to do this post with my blackberry(I still can’t believe I just found the trick) .Anyway, let me not bore you with my sick computer story. How have you been? Hope it’s not too late to say HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!…lol
Now to today’s biz. Remember a post I did sometime ago titled “Shoes and neck piece by Destiny Odeh(DO)”
PS:Follow this link for the post
Well, I got my DO neckpiece few weeks ago but I haven’t really had time to take a pic with it.I was really free today so I decided to play a little in my room with my new piece. I also did an interview with Destiny Odeh(DO)himself, the CEO & Creative Designer of DO clothings, which will be on my next post.Watch out for that but in the mean time, Check out my new piece, I’m so loving it!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Loretta Nguyen

    I love your necklace!

    Loving your blog so far, keep up the good work. Loretta xx

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