wassup hommies! I know this is kinda late but I still want to officially welcome you to the superb month of july which happens to be my month 🙂 Yea that’s right I was born in July,2oth to be precise.so better start getting my birthday presents ready :D.I’m so sorry for th lack of posts last month. You know my normal issues (compuer,internet,camera,fone…… blah blah blah) but don’t worry,Like I said It’s just a temporary setback Which I’ll definitely get through.
This year running pretty fast. I don’t know if you noticed but june was super fast.It felt like a week. I really don’t know about you but this year is so not passing by without me achieving something good( I mean really GOOD) out of it. Don’t be caught sleeping under a rock, I’ll advice you to tho the same. As the year runs, you run along with it or even faster. so, that by december we can boast of a year well spent. Please don’t forget to have fun .It is very essential,Life is too short to be all serious in everything
The rule is simple, just dream big and think of a particular goal or position you want to be by 2013 and start working towards the possible routes of getting there. Also have it in mind that nothing good comes easy, there’ll be bumbs and obstacles but you’ll surely get through, we all will.If you haven’t thought of anything yet, don’t wrry It’s not too late but time is running.you stil have 6 months before the year runs out so better start dreaming and planning coz time waits for no man. Feel to stop by and ask for advice anytime.May the good lord guide and direct our paths AMEN!……..till next time folks

wait wait wait! don’t go yet.Just a reminder! 20th is still my birthday 😀 so better start preparing my presents(I know I’ve said that before 🙂 )…. Don’t worry my wishlist will be out soon, just incase you don’t know what to get me……;). thanks a lot for reading my blog. catch y’all later!

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