Tight clothes are beginning to disgust me these days.I think I’m tired of the whole slim-fitting thing. I mean we all the normal routine,after you buy a shirt the next bus stop is the tailor’s shop to help run it down abit. I think I’m tired of all that and could really use some breathing space. The problem is they shrink too quickly most especially the sleeves and the collar area. God help you if you have to wear a tie. Well, I’m done with slim-fitting. It’s either my size or not, then I’ll just go for the large instead. Following my new policy, I took a old skool bad boy look with an extra large shirt I got from shoprite,a pair of jeans and one of ’em bruno mars hats(porkpie hats). Check it out….

Oh yea, I almost forgot my LV belt

mehn! so much freedom…..

my brother also joined me in my new policy

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