Remember when I said I was so happy turning 18 because of the priviliges that comes with it? well driving happens to be one of them.I decided to join the league of teenage drivers but I was so unlucky that it didn’t end so well.

Don’t worry I did not die, Let me tell you how it happened.I started my driving lessons few weeks ago and it ended that same day.After driving around my compound a couple of times my teacher/brother said if could enter inbetween one pair of those parking lines safely I’m done for the day.

I did it and it felt too easy so I decided to go in all six one after the other which I also succedded.Infact it felt way easier that I was suddenly feeling like an expert already. so Mr smarty pants(me) decided to move over to the garege which is more complicated with pillars and has just three spaces.

I entered the Ist safely, came out and did the same to the second. At this moment i felt fulfilled that I learnt how to drive in just one day.With a joyous heart I went into the 3rd space, just when I was in my happy moment thinking of how to break the news to my buddies and also thinking of the Ist chick I’m gonna pickup with my ride, BAM!!! I forgot to hit the breaks and I ran into a cupboard close to the wall.

so much for victorious learning.
The saddest part of the story is that my dad hasn’t found out yet, Heaven help me when he does coz it’s actually his very 1st car.Have you ever been in a similar situation before? please I could really use some advice. To think that I was actually very good at this.Well, no more driving for me for very long time. I might just end up like bryanboy who still doesn’t know how to drive at the age of 27.

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