Yesterday, I met an old friend of mine who invited me to her pool party,she also said that I could invite a couple of friends too.I couldn’t think of anybody else than my dearest hommies to join me at this awesome party.What better thing have you got to do on a sunny saturday in warri, Other tansn to dip yourself in a cold pool of life with a DJ giving you solid jams.Let’s not forget about the cuties.You know you wanna πŸ˜‰
It’s been really long since had mad fun.What do you say hommies??? Let’s FLEX THE EMBER POOL PARTY!!!!

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IF you are in that part of the world where summer is long gone and It’s really cold coz you’re getting to winter and all.Then my hommie, you are sooo damn lucky.In Nigeria, we have what I’ll like to call a “never ending sun” it shines from january to december till the end of days.Some of you might think it’s cool and all but trust me, you don’t wanna be under this one, It literally fries your brain.And with the recent ban of bikes which happens to be the major local means of transport in warri, Movement can bit pretty much hard for those of us who can’t drive.One thing I love about fashion is that it takes advantage of every weather situation whether hot or cold.Tank tops and shorts are all what I’ve been wearing lately coz I’ve been doing a lot of trekking since the ‘No bike era’ in the city of Warri.

With my ear piece stuck in my ears and my blackberry on my sweaty paws, I don’t think I have much of a problem


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few weeks ago, I was at a “xtratyme” bar in Warri.Don’t worry I wasn’t drinking, I just went there to see a model friend of mine.After alot of gisting I decided to use my xtratyme to take some pics.Don’t be so suprised that some of the most awlward places can actually turn out to be the best spots for pictures.

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Waddup hommies! *dusts blog* It’s been so long and I feel like i abadoned you guys. I’m so sorry about that, I had some personal issues I was dealing with and I needed some time off to be with myself in center clarity, inner peace and all that stuff.Anyways, I’m back now and I must confess life hasn’t been the same without you guys.For reasons I do not know I decided to go with an all ash look today. I wore my favourite J crew vneck sweater and a pair of aladdin trousers which I love in a funny kind of way.

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I celebrated my 18th birthday last month and to be honest it was really exciting turning 18.I mean becoming an adult and all the privileges that follow suite.For the past couple of weeks it felt pretty awesome being an adult and being allowed to do some certain things.mehnnnn it’s so awesome .
It didn’t really strike me until i took these photos. like seriously,I look like a 12yr old.I’m I really getting older or younger? now I’m confused. Maybe it’s because I wore my over-sized shirt again, that’ll be the only reasonable excuse.Coz this time, I paired it with my favorite denim shorts.ahhhh… yes! it definitely has to be d shorts.All the same, I kinda like the look or what do you think?

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wassup hommies! I know this is kinda late but I still want to officially welcome you to the superb month of july which happens to be my month πŸ™‚ Yea that’s right I was born in July,2oth to be better start getting my birthday presents ready :D.I’m so sorry for th lack of posts last month. You know my normal issues (compuer,internet,camera,fone…… blah blah blah) but don’t worry,Like I said It’s just a temporary setback Which I’ll definitely get through.
This year running pretty fast. I don’t know if you noticed but june was super fast.It felt like a week. I really don’t know about you but this year is so not passing by without me achieving something good( I mean really GOOD) out of it. Don’t be caught sleeping under a rock, I’ll advice you to tho the same. As the year runs, you run along with it or even faster. so, that by december we can boast of a year well spent. Please don’t forget to have fun .It is very essential,Life is too short to be all serious in everything
The rule is simple, just dream big and think of a particular goal or position you want to be by 2013 and start working towards the possible routes of getting there. Also have it in mind that nothing good comes easy, there’ll be bumbs and obstacles but you’ll surely get through, we all will.If you haven’t thought of anything yet, don’t wrry It’s not too late but time is stil have 6 months before the year runs out so better start dreaming and planning coz time waits for no man. Feel to stop by and ask for advice anytime.May the good lord guide and direct our paths AMEN!……..till next time folks

wait wait wait! don’t go yet.Just a reminder! 20th is still my birthday πŸ˜€ so better start preparing my presents(I know I’ve said that before πŸ™‚ )…. Don’t worry my wishlist will be out soon, just incase you don’t know what to get me……;). thanks a lot for reading my blog. catch y’all later!

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It’s been barely a month since I started blogging officially and I must say,I’m kinda impressed with the views I’ve gotten so far. I’m so sorry about the lack of posts lately,my system got crashed and it was kinda hard to fix but don’t worry, it was just a temporary setback and the good news is I’m back and better.wondering what I look like? don’t worry you’ll see me soon.
It’s the second week of may, how was your 1st week? mine was a little bit hectic though,but like i said, it was just a temporary setback πŸ˜‰ That’s enough about me for now, what about you guys? whatz up? whats been happening and how was your 1st week? this year is really running faster than I thought.The truth generally is, time is PRICELESS and we have very little of it.Sometimes, it might seem we have all the time in the world and then’ the next minute we’d be like “damn!!! where did all the time go?” lol i so hate that feeling.I really don’t want to start preaching about time but one important thing you should know is time is precious and should be taken seriously but not too serious.
β€œTime is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”- Harvey MacKay
Tempus fugit is a Latin expression meaning “time flies”. Time flies and waits for no man.yes, I agree we all know that and it’s not a new story.but we can also have a joyous time while we ride. Let me briefly give you a few tips on how to enjoy the ride
1,Be creative- Sometimes boredom can be the best thing that can ever happen to you. It depends on how you utilize it. who knows, you might discover new talents.Just try and do something and be creative.
2,Enjoy what you are doing- Believe me it’ll be a lot more easier and exciting.Though,sometimes it may seem too frustrating or boring.Just try and add a little bit of spice to it,be playful but don’t take it too far.
3,Meet people- Meet a lot of people, make new friends, trust me you’ll learn a thing or two.
4,keep records/take pictures- Live in the moment, take a lot of pictures. you’ll have a lot of memories and stories to tell(especially to your children). I just saw a pic of my dad when he was 9, It was kinda funny though but atleast I know what he looked like and he also shared a funny story.
5.get over heartbreaks/disappointments- I don’t mean to be harsh but life is too short to be whining over spilled milk. The deed has already been done and it’s time to move on..
8,Take a break- Life is too short to be all in everything, If you’ve been stressed out lately, i think a break is just what you need.give yourself a break, relax,go to parties, play little, visit exotic sites(that’s if you can afford it). Just take some time to have fun. sometimes a lot of sleep also helps πŸ™‚
DAMN!!! I said I wasn’t going to preach about time.Ah well ‘sighs’ I just hope you get the message. Oh and by the way, It wasn’t a rhetorical question when I asked how you were doing and what you’ve been up to Seriously, I really want to know. Mail me or drop your comments below…@monicaali and @empressive I see you πŸ˜‰
Bryan O’mee

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I’m gonna marry the night
I won’t give up on my life
I’m a warrior king live passionately tonight
I’m gonna marry the night
I’m a soldier to my own emptiness I a winner
I’m gonna marry the night
And my fears will be her chief bridesmaid
I’m gonna marry my worst fears, my pains and my past
I’ve spent so much time running away from them that I am beginning to forget who i really am
So, I’ve decided to embrace them all
so when the darkest hour comes,
I’ll be dancing with the stars till i see the sunlight
I’m so sorry for messing up gaga’s lyrics. I’m really a huge undeniable fan of lady gaga but I’m having one of those moments where you get really deep in your thoughts.I really don’t want this blog to be just about fashion but about life generally and a bit of my personal life,more like my diary.ok, enough of that, back to the topic at hand “marry the night”
Sometimes we make mistakes that we are not proud of or try to stop the inevitable which later gets us hurt or just have that natural fear of one thing or the other.whatever it maybe, we all have of our own individual problems which is a normal thing, so literally it’s not a problem, the main problem is allowing it taunt you. now this is where the situation starts which brings fear and fatigue.Running away from the situation doesn’t help, as a matter of fact it worsen the whole thing.Okay,it might seem to help but temporarily and whether you like it or not something or someone is definitely going to bring it back up in the future. bobs, will it be in double fold or tripple if you are not lucky.
SO, the best option here is to MARRY THE NIGHT,marry whatever is holding you down.they say “the darkest hour is just before dawn” you won’t even know when the sunlight comes coz you’ll be busy rocking the stars.i know it may seem very hard but sadly,it’s the only way.and trust me, there is no problem that is bigger than marriage…….lol. Most importantly remember God, he is always there.Remember, the teacher is always silent during a test/exam nut that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for guidiance.
WHOOOPS! i didn’t think it would be this long. anyway, thanks for reading till this point, hoped i helped in a little way? I’m feeling better already but my eyes are weary:( and now, it’s time to MARRY MY BED!!!!! lol
catch y’all later! have a wonderful night rest(or day, whatever your timezone might be)
Feel free to talk to me on anything!
you can add me on
TWITTER- BryanOmee or
love you all bye!

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Hello! How are you doing? hope yoo are fine? are ou sure? Anyway, HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! I want to officially welcome you to the month April 2012 it ain’t easy being alive.
It’s the second quarter of th year,how is life? how is the year going? what have you been up to? NOthing much? but y? ok make me understand.
Life ain’t easy i know, its a really big and scary world, i also know that, sometimes life can be hard/harsh/?wicked/unfair i know that too. But yet. it’s still a very BEAUTIFUL WORLD nd and a WONDERFUL place to live in. You just have to take the good out of d bad and look on the bright side, it’s really COLOURFUL. I know it’s easier said than done but trust me! it’s the only is too short to be lying around miserably, we only get one shot.It’s more like an empty piece of paper, you decide what to do with, you can decide to draw,paint,design, be creative and make it colourful or just squeeze and throw away. What are you gonna do with yours? it’s all up to you..
I’m O’mee and you are welcome to my blog. It’s a very beautiful world, hope you enjoy my adventures in Life and Fashion………….;)

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