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I took these pics few days ago and I decided to share them with my hommies…


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like I said in my previous post,I did an interview with Destiny Odeh, the CEO and creative designer of DO clothings.Outside his MAD sense of style,he’s a really cool and humble guy..



1.You are a student right?

Yes, currently in my 2nd year in college.

2.What do you study?

I’m quite a geek – a chic one tho’ 🙂 Studying computer Science.

3. So tell me, how do you keep up with both worlds, being a fashion designer and a normal computer science student?

It’s like a hard circus juggling act lol, being both designer and student. It isn’t easy ’cause I have to be ubiquitous, my mind’s in a million places at once. But thank God I’ve got awesome workers who make my life easier.

4. Did you ever think that one day you’d be in the world of fashion?

Hmm not really, although I’ve always been very keen about my sense of style right from childhood but I never actually thought that one day I’d be running my own fashion line up until last year.

5. What made you take the decision of becoming a designer?

Like I said earlier I’ve always been very keen about my sense of style and one thing I always try to accentuate in all my designs is ‘distinction’. I saw what other really good designers were doing and because I’m an illustrator/artist I just had that fire inside of me to do something that will make anyone rocking DOs to be distinct and appealingly different, something to make people stand out instead of fitting in.

6. What was your 1st design? Heard you started with slim ties is that true?

Lol where are you hearing all these from 🙂
Yes I started with ties but that wasn’t my first design, Skinny Ties were my second designs. DO tassel shoes were my very first designs. I actually didn’t tell anyone about my fashion line plans, not even my family. I broke the news to everyone when my very first pair of tassel shoes were made. That was a truly lovely day.

7. so,what did your friends,Classmates and family think when they 1st saw your designs?

Everyone was stunned of course. My family was very supportive as usual, my friends were very receptive of my ideas, but some were very skeptical about them, but we didn’t get to where we are now by caring about pessimistic talks or thoughts so I didn’t let the skeptical ones bother me, I just tried to prove them wrong. You know people always want to see progress before they can truly be convinced and stand behind you. Well everyone now sees the light and they gladly support the DO movement & revolution! #Osheey!

8.Who/what is your inspiration?

A lot of things & people. My artistic background makes me see the good/positive sides of all things, so everything is an inspiration, from what I see to what I fear, feel, think and hear.
Amancio Ortega – founder of ZARA is one of those who inspire me, studying his impeccable business principles have also helped in improving mine.

9.When you create something, what goes through your mind?

The very first thing that goes through my mind is “Is this piece unique?”
Competition is flattering but as a designer you need to stand out with your designs and the people adorning them need to stand out too, so I try to always make sure that I stay true to my keywords: “#Distinction & #Uniqueness”.

10. Who are your designs meant for?

DO is not just a fashion line but a lifestyle. Therefore, my designs are meant for everybody both males & females. Whoever appreciates fashion & beauty will appreciate the royal elegance, class & uniqueness of style by DO.

11.How do you feel when you see people wearing your designs?

It’s both good and bad lol because seeing people wearing my designs everyday makes me feel really good inside and ‘cos I’m my very own biggest critic seeing people wearing my designs makes me want to do more, makes me want to do it better. 🙂

12. Who are your favourite designers both internationally and locally?

I have a ton of favourite designers worldwide!
But I specifically like the Dsquared2 brothers because of the ‘freshness’ and eccentricity of their unrestricted ‘new skool meets old skool’ kind of designs. Their designs are always a marvel to see.

Then here in Nigeria I have a lot of favourite designers, many of whom I’ve met. Some of my very favourite are Tony CREAM, Signature Couture, LMJ Couture, Mai Atafo, Lanre Da Silva infact they are too numerous to mention…

13. Your motto is “DO you style” & you seem to help a lot of people DO their style so what exactly is your style?

#DoYourStyle is a statement to let people know that “its cool to be you!”
So my style is me just as I am my style. I wear what makes me feel good inside and what makes me look good outside. 🙂

14. How did you gain such a high rate of followership for your brand? Both with your over 10,000+ twitter followers to in real life.

We humans are creatures of change & habits, give people good cause to change and they will. I came to understand that DO was the fashion change a lot of people wanted and needed. And I’m glad to be blessed with such lovely friends, family, clients & followers! God bless you all!

15. What are the problems you face as a designer?

Every profession has it’s problems and fashion design has its fair share too. The most problems came when I was just starting up but all that has been thwarted now.

16. Do you have any future plans?

Yes of course I have a plethora of future plans, a lot will be happening soon, expect a lot from DO!

17. Where do you see yourself in 5years time?

In a DO retail store or mega factory eating cake & sipping cocktail lol 😀

18. So what should we be expecting from DO clothing?

We’d slowly branch into other areas, but all in good timing. Don’t worry just expect the best, as always.

19. So what advice do you have for upcoming designers who are currently looking up to you?

Well the major advice is for them to stay true to their utmost aim.
They should take their brand seriously & never compromise it for any reason. And it should be identifiable – your brand should be able to stand out from the rest.
DO CLOTHING- DO your style!!!

Follow this link for my post on DO shoes & Neckpiece

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Firstly,I must apologize for the lack of posts lately.I’m really sorry, just when I thought I had my system fixed,the stupid thing still had the guts to show me it’s bad side.I have been hopping from one repairer to the other ever since and I had to do this post with my blackberry(I still can’t believe I just found the trick) .Anyway, let me not bore you with my sick computer story. How have you been? Hope it’s not too late to say HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!…lol
Now to today’s biz. Remember a post I did sometime ago titled “Shoes and neck piece by Destiny Odeh(DO)”
PS:Follow this link for the post
Well, I got my DO neckpiece few weeks ago but I haven’t really had time to take a pic with it.I was really free today so I decided to play a little in my room with my new piece. I also did an interview with Destiny Odeh(DO)himself, the CEO & Creative Designer of DO clothings, which will be on my next post.Watch out for that but in the mean time, Check out my new piece, I’m so loving it!!!!!!!!!

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Ever heard of shoe porn? if not, then today is your lucky day coz the 1st day I saw these was definitely one of the best days of my life.And yes, I really mean it…
Anyway, let’s start with the designer.

Destiny Odeh(DO) is an amazing designer from Benin city with huge and I seriously mean HUGE talent.He is currently a student at Benson Idahosa University Benin city and is seriously piloting his way to nigeria’s top fashion scene, His designs range from T-shirts to shoes,neckpiece,hoddies,tuxedo jackets(one of which he’s wearing) and many more. But today, we are just going to be dealing with the shoes and neck piece which I actually love the most.Ahhhh! the shoes that made me commit lookery(the act of staring too much…lol) both male and female.They are absolutely stunning. Can’t really get my eyes of them (why I call them shoe porn).Don’t worry, you’ll soon know what I’m talking about….DO SHOES>> DO YOUR STYLE
DO your style….

Ladies, I know you’ll definitely love these…

DO neckpieces, DOpe to the core! I’m definitely getting one.

Hmmmmm,seems christmas is coming early this year 😉

santa please don’t forsake me 😦

You can have them customized too!

The worst thing anyone can tell me right now is to pick one.

like seriously, are you kidding me? i WANT THEM ALL!!

Even if I can’t wear them all, I still want to have them in my wardrobe and look at them every morning.


Phone numbers: +234(0)8134325599, +234(0)8158831313
Blackberry pin:280BAAA9

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